Available Classes
We have morning and afternoon classes available each running 2 or 3 days a week.

The morning class runs from 8:30AM till 11:30AM and the afternoon class runs from 12:30PM to 3:30PM

2 (half) days / week: $200.00 / month
3 (half) days / week: $300.00 / month (limited spots available)

Other Fees
Late pick up: $25.00 / student / hour
(15 min after scheduled pick up)
Registration fee: $75.00 / new student
Reenrollment fee: $50.00 / returning student
Late tuition payment: $15.00 / week / student
Returned check: $40.00 / check / incident

Registration Package
The following link: 'Registration package' is all you would need to complete the registration process for the current school year.

To read and print the registration forms you need Adobe Reader which you can download here.

Please note
First month tuition and registration fee is required with each completed registration package and is non-refundable.

No space is held until registration package is complete and first month tuition and fees are paid in full.