My name is Rebecca. In 2002 I worked for the Lethbridge Montessori preschool. I really became quite passionate by Maria Montessori's way of teaching and her philosophy.

Then I moved to Calgary where I have been working for Renfrew Educational Services for six years.

In 2005 I gave birth to my son, Dawson, and because of him I decided to study for my Montessori preschool/kindergarten diploma (ages 3 to 6).

We moved to beautiful Langdon in 2007 and we love it very much here.

Like every parent, I want the best education for my son and that's why I decided to open the Langdon Montessori Preschool and offer only the best education for the children.

What I like about the Montessori program is that the subjects taught stimulate the child's development in a unique way. Some of these subjects I have listed below.

Practical life

Practical life assists the child in developing a sense of order, concentration, personal pride, independence, respect for others, fine motor skills, grace and courtesy, confidence and self esteem.

Sensorial Development & Music Enrichment

The purpose of the Montessori music program is to develop the children’s non verbal affective communication, to increase their understanding and enjoyment of music within our culture, and to enhance their ability to express themselves through music.

Culture and Science

Starting with land, water and air, and progressing to studying the world’s different regions through photographs, art, geo-molds and geography puzzles.

Language, Arts

A child first learns his phonetic sounds, phonetic reading and writing, irregular or sight words, phonograms and blends, which leads to fluent reading. Journal keeping, creative writing, whole language and poetry.


Incorporate the use of concrete materials. Children first learn to count to ten, and systematically progress to solving complex addition, subtraction etc.

Please contact me if you want to know more about the Montessori program.

Rebecca van Eck